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Good lord, it's art!

I deign to call this a sketch blog, but post nothing of the sort here.

That changes now.


These are both doodles of Tom, from my story temporarily titled "Kingdom of a Dream."

He was raised as female because he was a flaw born into a tradition that had never before been broken. In the history of the Kingdom, the royal bloodline traditionally has pure black hair. At one point, a commoner was born with striking copper hair. The monarch became enamored with her, and married her. Their children also had red hair, and married normally. This disrupted the raven-haired bloodline slightly, introducing a different shade of "commoners' brown" that became more common than black hair. Although children were born with the traditional black, they were never first-borns. A few genereations later, when a black-haired first-born was once again born to the royal family, a noble family reported the birth of another child with red hair. And so things went. Each time black was first-born into the royal family, red was born shortly before or after among the subjects -increasingly among noble houses. Each time, the destined was the opposite sex of the royal heir, and each time a familiarity between the children, coupled with parental superstition, led the two to wed. This continued for centuries, until a noble family birthed a red-headed boy very unexpectedly. The current generation of royalty was a raven king and his copper bride; never before had a new destined been born in the generation immediately following the last. A bit fearful, the noble parents kept the infant a secret, until a few months later, a the queen had her first child: a raven-haired prince. The children were destined. ...But there was a problem. Both children were male. The noble family, more in effort to gain the status and wealth that would be allotted a destined's family than out of superstition (though both were factors) disguised their baby boy as a girl, and revealed him to the royal family as such. Servants and doctors were bribed or exiled to keep the secret, and young Thomas Ainsley Archer was raised as young Ainsley Archer for the first 13 years of his life, before being found out when his voice began to change.

Whee, lot's of back story on Tom there! And now for the doodles:

Girl Tom

   Angry Tom

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