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Once upon a time, there was a character named Archer (who was an existing character in disguise for a portion of the story).
My co-creator at the time thought it best not to include her in our plot, so I repurposed her and sent her off to become Tom in K.o.a.D., where she was made into a boy to prevent similarities to one of my co-creator's characters.

Now that I'm on my own, and have a rewrite of the original story (tentatively titled "Owl Coffee")underway, Archer is allowed back to her ancestral universe.
(I just need to work out a change of Tom's last name, or deal with having two red-heads named Archer)
And she's gained a main role! So I've been thinking about her, and wound up doing two drawings involving her.

Archer B/W
Archer Color
To the left is Greg; to the right, Shi.
When I originally drew this, it was Greg and Archer, but while inking, I decided to colour in her hair; once her hair was black, it was plainly Shi standing there, so the original intent of the drawing was lost. I also, to differentiate the dyed streaks in Greg's hair without colouring, filled in his hair with black ink. Now, the B/W piece looks fine, but the coloured one is a bit off.

Proper colouring should be: 
Greg with light brown hair, and Archer with her copper-coloured hair and white orcream shirt/ruffles instead of pale gray-blue.

Misc. info:
The teal blob on Greg's apron is a badly-drawn owl. Yes, those are the points of a Triforce on his shirt, peeking out from beneath the apron.

Greg and Archer/Shi - B/WGreg and Archer/Shi - Color