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Dream of Another Time

A Forgotten Sketch-Blog And Brain Wastebin

Zachary Sakae
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I am nothing and no one, unseen and often unheard, but my shadow creeps and I whisper unto the unaware accounts of fantasy and horror, romance, science fiction, comedy... and bad innuendo. Mostly the innuendo. Yeah.

Genderqueer, lesbian, and a little witchy.

Random friending is always welcome.
1800s, absinthe, acting, airships, androgyny, animated disney movies, anime, antiques, art, astronomy, bisexuals, books, brass goggles, cat, clockwork, coffee, comics, corsetry, corsets, cravats, dawn, daydreaming, daydreams, deedlit, double entendre, doujinshi, drawing, dreaming, dreams, dusk, elder scrolls v skyrim, eternal sonata, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, fireflies, forests, garlic, gays, ghost hunters, ghosts, goggles, goth fashion, gothic clothing, graphic novels, gravity falls, harry potter, hot sauce, house, house m.d., hunger games, innuendo, japanese food, lady gaga, legend of zelda, lesbians, long island iced tea, lord of the rings, manga, marvelous misadventures of flapjack, metalocalypse, mexican food, mirrormask, movies, mulan, muse, music, my neighbor totoro, mythology, nightmare before christmas, nighttime, nintendo, owl city, paganism, painting, phantom of the opera, photography, photoshop, pirates of the caribbean, playstation, pocketwatches, poetry, potatoes, rain, reading, record of lodoss war, repo! the genetic opera, road to el dorado, rocky horror picture show, roleplaying, rpgs, rubio's fish tacos, sci-fi, science, science fiction, sexual ambiguity, short stories, sims, skyrim, snow, spicy things, star ocean, star trek, stars, steamboy, steampunk, steampunk clothing, steampunk culture, steampunks, steven universe, strega, studio ghibli, superjail, sweden, swedish, tea, teal, thanksgiving food, the elder scrolls, the elder scrolls skyrim, the last unicorn, the paranormal, theatre, three days grace, top hats, true blood, trueblood, vampires, victorian clothing, video games, wii, wine, winter, witchcraft, witchy fashion, witchy things, within temptation, writing, xbox 360, xbox360, yaoi, yuri